What causes energy loss, and how does spray foam stop it?

Where Does it Occur?

Ever notice how long you have to keep the AC running? That’s because large portions of the cool air that your system is pumping in are seeping out through poorly insulated regions of your home. The sound of that fan blowing? That’s the sound of money being blown out the door. The primary causes of AC/heat loss are:


Doors and Windows



Spray Foam Creates the Perfect Seal

Spray foam consists of tiny molecular beads that, when ejected, rapidly expand to fill and seal any area they come in contact with. This accomplishes two tasks: 1) prevent outside air from infiltrating, and 2) prevent inside air from escaping. Below, the R-Values of the three main forms of building insulation are converted to percent and stacked up against each other; Spray Foam wins out.

What else is great about SPRAY FOAM?

  • Virtually air-tight
  • Prevents entry of harmful allergens
  • Fire retardent
  • Dramatically reduces HVAC use